sabato 14 aprile 2012

Vinicola Mediterranea - San Pietro Vernotico

Yesterday I was in San Pietro Vernotico, south of Bari the capital of the Puglia region to visit this canteen, one of the oldest of the area of Salento where it is possible to organise wine tastings.

The inhabitants of San Pietro Vernotico have their origins between the VIII and IX centuries. The few people who lived in the town put themselves under the protection of the big Apostole Pietro.

During the Turkish invasion of 1480, they rejected the attack by taking the turkish flag which lay down as a trophy and a sign of devotion to S. Pietro. (Today on April it is possible to see this event with people in old costumes). After many vicissitudes, the territory had a radical transformation: from pasture ground to luxuriant vineyard and majestic olive trees.

The Company Vinicola Mediterranea has a storage capacity of 55.000hl and works about 40.00 qls. of grapes (Primitivo and Negroamaro). The wine cellar is equipped with modern and innovative plants which allow the control of must fermentation temperatures. Since the beginning the company has focused on the product quality reaching very good results in a few years: the draught wines are appreciated all over around Italy, and the bottled wines are present in many foreign countries.
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