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The Province of Brindisi - Puglia

The province of Brindisi offers unique itineraries, not only in Brindisi, the province capital, but also in the many towns and cities of historical value. A land that is sun-drenched, a territory of nature, art, history, folklore, crafts, traditions. A magnificent coastline, a holiday reality for those who wish to fully experience this wonderful beauty. Brindisi also offers a unique beauty in its typical dwellings, not only the well known trulli, but also masserie, lamias and old centres.
A visitor to this land will also find the locals to be warm and friendly, hospitality of the utmost comfort, the possibility to engage in outdoor activities, the many local traditions and naturally, the cuisine.

In Brindisi, the Castello di Terra, built by Frederick II. Also in Brindisi, at the port, a fortified castle built by Ferdinand I of Aragon.
The castle itinerary uncovers in every city and town, a tower, a bastion, an historical palace.
Ceglie Messapica: La Rocca dei Sanseverino, a castle with many towers.
Carovigno: The town is built around a single tower, used for protection against incursions.
San Vito dei Normanni: Castle situated in the main square, built in the 12th century.
Many towns, such as Mesagne, Francavilla Fontana, Cellino San Marco, Torre S. Susanna, Villa Castelli, have castles or fortified palaces as part of a feudal past. Along the coast many lookout towers used as defence against pirates.

Olive groves as far as the eye can see, vineyards planted in straight lines, almond tree gardens, long winding dry-stone walls and trulli scattered all around, their white cone tips showing through the sea of green trees and landscape. The Masserie stand alone and isolated in the countryside, symbol of an aristocratic agricultural history.
The dark blue and emerald sea, a playground for holiday makers. The coast is one of the most spectacular of the region. Aquatic sports and leisure activities such as wind surfing, sailing, golf, horse riding and more are available for your pleasure. In the evening enjoy a stroll among the shops and markets and treat yourself to dinner in one of the many restaurants along the promenade.

Rural settlements, extraordinary and fascinating. Grotto-homes, grotto-churches, grotto-workshops belong to the civil, religious and artistic history of the land of Brindisi.
In the caves and grottos, dating as far back as the 7th Century, there are artefacts and traces of daily life. Some settlements contain several dwellings, with walkways and drainage for collecting rain water, food storage and shelter for animals.

Of significant tourist and cultural interest. Geographic position and climate have contributed to human settlement for thousands of years.
Archaeological artefacts such as the ancient ruins of Egnatia, on the coast of Fasano; the burial site in Ostuni of a young woman dating back 25 thousand years; at Mesagne the archaeological site of "Muro Tenente", and numerous other sites scattered all over the territory.
The Archaeological Museum of the Province of Brindisi "F. Ribezzo" offers its visitors five interesting sectors: epigraphy and the art of sculpture; antiques; prehistoric; numismatics; and the sector dedicated to sculptures dating back to between IV century B.C. and the III century A.D. discovered a few years ago in the underwater site of Punta del Serrone.

Brindisi is rich in culture, traditions and folklore that contributed to developing the spectacular mediterranean cuisine. Throughout the year, many festivals celebrate the many different flavours and tastes of the territory. The cuisine is simple, but creative, inventive and above all genuine, the fragrances of the mediterranean combine with the fresh flavours of the earth, the extraordinary olive oil, the fresh bread, taralli and friselle; fresh pasta; dairy products; smooth wines, pride of the land.

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